Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Worst Wednesday!

I won the Worst Wednesday competition! Woo Whoo!!
I was browsing on youtube a while back, and searched for "worst brass music" or something along those lines, and ended up finding this cartoon and really bad recording of "Space Odessy 2001" with brass and percussion represented in the cartoon ensemble. I was laughing when I saw it, and thought that even though it sounds as if there could be flutes or violins in the recording at the end, I was going to show it anyway. It turned out to be a hit! The whole class was busting a gut the entire time. We even passed around the tissues! The recording was so horrible, and the cartoon was so funny that people loved it.
I did have some good competition though. Dan brought in this recording of a young brass sextet that performed in a festival or something, and sounded terrible. It was LONG too, so it was bad and lasted a long time.

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